Outstanding Expertise

Services Residential Construction

At Gobelex, residential construction is a genuine art. With the unique beauty of the Laurentians as a backdrop, we do everything in our power to create the home of your dreams.

Our technical expertise is only part of the equation, as we are committed to seeking out innovative, efficient, and economic ways to design the home that’s right for you. Crafted to the rhythm of nature, each of our projects has its own unique personality and blends gracefully into its environment.

Finding the perfect land

Presenting our building techniques

Breaking down the budget and schedule

Designing your residence with regular follow-ups

Delivering the home of your dreams

Gobelex construction At Your Service

Our mission is to offer you the most comprehensive services possible to ensure a flawless construction experience.

Services Major Renovation

As life evolves, so do your home’s needs. A major renovation could be just what it takes to have a home tailored to your current lifestyle. Our many years of construction knowledge combined with the expertise of our team and partners allow us to develop creative, economical solutions that are integrated into your existing structure.

Complete kitchen and bathroom renovation

Space enlargement, decompartmentalization, and reconfiguration

Garage or extra floor addition

New exterior design

Any other project that enhances your existing property

Gobelex construction At Your Service

Preserve and enhance the home that holds your dearest memories.

Services Property Management

In order to add value to your comfort, Gobelex is happy to offer a high degree of special attention. Our property management service is designed for homeowners seeking to delegate maintenance, repair, supply, and management of a primary or secondary residence.

Whether on a regular or on-demand basis, our team takes care of everything you need, ensuring a hassle-free experience at the height of your expectations.

Regular maintenance in order to preserve your residence

Seasonal maintenance

Landscaping maintenance

Rental management

Any type of supply necessary for your and your family’s well-being (firewood, boat fuel, propane, etc.)

Gobelex construction At Your Service

Entrust us with all the vital household tasks that you wish to delegate.

Services Commercial & Institutional Projectsl

Our team’s quality of service and wealth of expertise translate seamlessly into commercial and institutional construction projects. With over 20 years of experience and several major achievements to its credit, the Gobelex team is proud to meet and exceed the demands of commercial clients, armed with a keen understanding of the reality of professional industries as well as the municipal environment.


Professional clinics

Office spaces

Community centers

Municipal buildings

Gobelex construction At Your Service

For each project, we ensure the highest quality of execution, adhering to the established budget and deadlines.