Architectural and Engineering Feat Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts


“Gobelex Construction is a true high end builder that understands the needs of their clients, have the abilities and resources to accomplish the most complex tasks, work with great efficiency, diligence and a relentless devotion to quality at all stages of the construction project. They have successfully accomplished the work in full accordance with all architectural and engineering plans and have been pro-active to optimize both process and end-result. We are very happy with our experience with Gobelex Construction and would very much recommend them to anyone who looking for a first-class builder.”

The project 16,000 sq ft
13 bedrooms
12 bathrooms
Home theatre with 24 seats
Steel structure

The mission Demolition and reconstruction
of a family home to create
a welcoming environment
that can accommodate
20 people.

The result A dream come true:
living in the country while comfortably entertaining
family and friends
as often as possible.

THE STRENGTH OF A TEAM 20 years of combined experience.
Complete involvement, from planning
to finishing. Proactive and
professional management.

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